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Why Are My Periods Light?


Menstruation cycle is part of every woman. Right from puberty, a girl experiences periods all through to menopause where it stops. Depending on the person and age, they may be regular, irregular, short or long cycles. On average, a cycle runs for 28 days. For more reference: why is my period is very light? Some may experience heavy periods, and others light this may raise many questions, why are my periods heavy or light?

Reasons For Having Light Periods

Strenuous Physical Workoutswoman in glasses thinking

Women who engage in strenuous physical activities tend to experience lighter periods. Reason being, for one to be able to do the workouts, they must be in good shape. Thus, they follow a strict diet. For most women athletes, lack of fat in the body due to excessive training is another reason for light periods. There is a scientifically proven correlation between low body and light or even complete absence of periods.


Being pregnant is another cause for light periods. During pregnancy, a lot of hormonal changes occur in preparation for the birth of the child. The change in hormonal balance causes a woman to have light periods. It persists even during breastfeeding.

Being Young

Most teenagers will experience light and irregular periods during their first menstruation cycles. The cycles may take long before becoming regular and at the same time, the periods will persistently be light. Hence being young is another reason for light periods.

Hormonal Imbalance

Hormones control menstruation cycle. Any imbalance is a possible trigger for light periods. The imbalance may be due to lack of enough sleep, breastfeeding, poor eating habits or even chronic stress. All these interfere with the levels of progesterone and estrogen produced by the body and hence the light periods.


Most medicines interfere with the menstruation cycle. The common ones are anti-anxiety, anti-depressants and anti-psychotics. These medications affect the hormonal balance resulting in shorter and lighter periods.

Hereditary Faold and young womanctors

Genes determine how the body functions. They also determine the regularity or irregularity of the menstruation cycle throughout a woman’s life. The light periods could be hereditary. This trait could have been passed from either parent and therefore should not cause any worries.


This is an inflammation of the endometrium. This condition may cause changes in the menstruation cycle and hence causing light periods. It is caused by bacteria or fungi, abortion or continued use of an intra-uterine device. Treatment with antibiotics is the best option.

Experiencing light periods when everyone is experiencing regular periods can be disturbing. However, the above reasons for having light periods will help put an end to any fears and prompt one to seek help if deemed necessary.