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Drug Rehab in Orange County

When it comes to rehab, there are mainly two options to choose from, inpatient and outpatient programs in Orange County. An inpatient program is where the patient has to stay at a rehab center throughout the rehabilitation period. An outpatient program, on the other hand, is one in which the patient stays at home but will have to visit the rehab center every day during the rehabilitation period. It is important that both the patient and their loved ones understand how both the programs work to maximize the probability of its success.


doctorThe Outpatient Program

There are some rehab facilities at Orange county offering this option. One of the things that are worth pointing out here is that this option is for patients with just a mild addiction. This option is not recommended for hardcore addicts or those that have been drug abusers for a long time. It is also not suitable for people in environments where drug abuse is prevalent. For this reason, a close evaluation of the patient and the environment they are in is necessary before booking them for this program.

Patient Maintains a Normal Life

One of the reasons why most people fear attending rehab centers is that their lives will be disrupted. The good thing with an outpatient rehab program is that one can maintain their normal lifestyle since they are still staying in their homes. The only thing that changes is the constant visits to the rehab centers which in most cases will not take more than 3 hours.


They Remain with Their Loved Ones

Anyone battling drug addiction in most cases usually has a hard time. For this reason, support from family members comes in handy during those trying moments. Desperation and loneliness are some of the triggers that may make one slip into depression and thus fail to recover from their problem. An outpatient program ensures that one remains with their loved ones to encourage them when the road to recovery gets hard.


Social Support Groups

Another great thing with an outpatient rehab program is that it gives patients access to support groups. Support groups a great way to promote recovery as the patient gets support from people dealing with a similar problem and who have the same goal in mind. In the case of an inpatient program, there are only patients and doctors who might not quite grasp what the patient is going through.

The above are just a few of the advantages of an outpatient rehab program in Orange County. While an outpatient program may be ideal to a patient, some risk factors should be taken into account like the availability of drugs and the possibility of peer pressure and negative influence. It, therefore, calls for great supervision and support from friends and families for success to be realized. It is also good to ensure that the patient adheres strictly to the rehab center visits without fail.