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Qualities of a Good physical Therapist


No man is a highland; we are all dependent on each other just as the patient is dependent on a physical therapist to get cured. Saying this may sound like a cliché or something so simple but that is not. Physical therapist goes through a lot of scientific studies to have knowledge that can cure a dying patient. That spend years studying complex things which may be prone to changes any-time thus making them lifetime learners. They maintain, restore and promote their patients with the best physical health. The tips that follow outline the best qualities of a good physical therapist:


male therapistFinding solutions to hat your patients are suffering from need knowledge. You also need to update your knowledge keeping in mind that there are plentiful and pervasive knowledge sources. Physical therapy is growing fast and even more complicated with time, you need to keep learning to keep your knowledge updated.


To be humble is to be realistic. This can be achieved in three ways. By learning from yourself, colleagues and your patients. This factor is very important helps you to grow stronger in your career and enjoy it. Showing humility also helps your patients recover quickly and feel free to share how they feel.


You may have very important things to do and so are your patients too. Being exposed pain stricken and suffering Patti should make you impatient. The patients have also endured suffering for many weeks months and even years to see you and appreciate your patience as you also appreciate theirs. As they say patience pay.


As a physical therapist caring for the patients is very important, it shows your concern and full dedication to the patients and fastens their healing process. A good PT ensures their patient’s comfortability and how they are faring on. This makes them happy knowing that someone cares for them as much as some of them are abandoned in the ward for the doctor to ensure they are fine. Their own family members even mistreat some, and they only depend on the therapist to give them hope.


Sometimes Patients don’t show up upon the time agreed some even don’t show up completely. Maybe Your computer crashes, goniometer break. Will you adapt? Or be flexible? Whatever the circumstances you need to be flexible, creative and innovative. If you encounter such and you are not flexible, you may end up getting stressed up and not impressed at all.


flowers and bottleThis is a virtue that all physical therapists should have, it promotes confidence in the patients that they can trust you with whatever ever sickness they are suffering from even the ones people fear sharing with you believing it’s a curse or shameful to speak about. Trust between the patient and the therapist should be Paramount.